Monday, March 28, 2011

I can sang... but only when I am in the car or shower

So we all think we can sing or at least try, I sound my best when in the car solo or in the shower. That's where I belt out my best tunes that nobody has ever heard..if I sing the best song of my life in the shower and nobody is there to hear it, does that mean I didn't do it. Of course not. Here's a few of my faves I sing!

Early Mornings & Late Nights- Marsha Ambrosius

I started off being a fan of Marsha when she was the other half of Floetry, I even saw them in concert which was great! So now that she has finally released a solo album, I am glad that others can see how talented she really is. Most of the songs that are hits for other artist were written by her so it was only a matter of time before she decided to sing some of those well written songs. Below is my review and a few tracks, enjoy!
1.Anticipation- Great intro. 5/5

2.With You- After hearing the chorus there's no denying what this song is for...4/5

3.Late Nights & Early Mornings- Love it, it will definitely make you think of someone special that's in your life. 5/5
4.Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)- Haha...all I could do was laugh with her on this song, it's funny but real. 4/5
5.Far Away- This is an emotional song, if you can't feel the emotions from within this song then that sucks for you. 5/5
6.Lose Myself- This is a song that delivers with pure honesty. 4/5
7.Your Hands- I like it, don't love it but it is good nonetheless. 3/5
8.I Want You to Stay- I like it. 4/5
9.Sour Times-This is a cover of Portishead's track. 4/5
10.Tears- I like it. 3/5
11.Chasing Clouds- I really like this song. 5/5
12.The Breakup Song- I don't think I have to explain this song. 3/5
13.Butterflies (Remix)- Here's one of the songs I mentioned she wrote for the late Michael Jackson. 5/5

F.A.M.E.- Chris Brown

Chris Brown FAME Cover Listen: Chris Brown   Wet the Bed (Feat Ludacris)

So I have listened to the album multiple times and while I am still not a fan of his (I never was so that's not a shocker!) I think this is the album he should've put out after the ordeal that occurred 2 years ago, he should've sat one out with the last album and waited on the sidelines then released this one. Anywhoo here's what I liked from the latest album by Christopher Brown.

1. "Deuces" (featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall)- Liked it before it became overplayed. 3/5

2. "Up 2 You"- decent song. 3/5

3. "No Bullshit"- Like it but again it is becoming overplayed on the radio. 3/5

4. "Look At Me Now" (featuring Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) Another casualty of the radio rotation, but honestly Busta and Wayne didn't really add much to the song. Maybe a old Woo hah got you all in check Busta would've killed it but meh. 2/5

5. "She Ain't You"- ok song, tis is all. 2/5

6. "Say It With Me"- wasn't really feeling this song. 2/5

7. "Yeah 3x"- it may be a hit with others but not with me. 2/5

8. "Next 2 You" (featuring Justin Bieber) - I'm neutral on Bieber, but I understand this business move. 2/5

9. "All Back"- ok song. 2/5

10. "Wet The Bed" (featuring Ludacris)- Love Luda so there it is. 4/5

11. "Oh My Love" decent song. 3/5

12. "Should've Kissed You"- feels like a filler song. 2/5

13. "Beautiful People" (featuring Benny Benassi) decent upbeat song. 3/5

Deluxe Edition :

1. "Bomb" (featuring Wiz Khalifa)- No knock on Wiz(black and yellow....) but meh on this song. 3/5

2. "Love Them Girls" (featuring Game)- I am more concerned to when Game is going to release another album sooo...2/5

3. "Paper, Scissors, Rock" (featuring Big Sean & Timbaland) ok song, lacking something but I don't know what it is. 2/5

4. "Beg For It"- Liked it. 4/5