Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Money- Last Train To Paris

Last Train to Paris

Ok so shoot me for liking this album, well ok not literally....this album is better than I thought it would be and that says a lot because I am not a Diddy fan especially when he's singing. Thank goodness for Dawn and Kalenna's singing ability,great production, and guest appearance that carry this album. All these things allow you to forget that Diddy is involved until he makes his appearances where at times he's not needed. No shade, but just when you get into a song here he comes with his "take that, take that", 16 bars or just unwanted talking...yet somehow it works and for a brief moment you forget about him and like the songs.

1 - Intro- Nice intro as far as the production is concerned and just when you feel it here he comes talking....3/5
2 - Ass On the Floor(featuring Swizz Beatz) I like this song, but here's Swizz talking like he always does...I mean can we not have "it's showtime!!" on every song he produces.Akeys come get your man.4/5
3 - Yeah Yeah You Would(featuring Grace Jones)- I really like this song, but uh where's Strange...I mean Grace Jones?( Boomerang reference) 4/5
4 - I Hate That You Love Me- The piano in the background is what really sells me on this song and the lyrics just fit...5/5
5 - Someone to Love Me- Decent song, but the mood of this album can be a debbie downer. 3/5
6 - Hate You Now
7 - Your Love (featuring Trey Songz)- Sorry I wasn't feeling this one maybe it's because I'm over the**coughs** over-sexed image of Trey Songz. 2/5
8 - Shades(featuring Justin Timberlake, Bilal, Lil Wayne, James Fauntleroy)- I like this song somewhat, but is it me or does it sound like Lil Wayne did is verse from prison...oh ok my bad! Well it's a decent song minus Wayne's poetry, well I guess that's what he was trying to do...idk. Bilal holds his own with his sangin' in the background. 3/5
9 - Angels(featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Rick Ross)-I liked this song...uh like 2 years ago when it came out plus Ross didn't really add anything to this track to make it standout. 2/5
10 - Strobe Lights(featuring Lil Wayne)- I'm not really feeling this one...2/5
11 - Looking for Love (featuring Usher)- I see you Usher and your bro producing tracks...decent song thanks to Usher and the beat provided by JLack...3/5
12 - I Know(featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Seven)-Ok song..2/5
13 - Loving You No More(featuring Drake)- Decent song...3/5
14 - Hello Good Morning (featuring T.I.)- I like the version with Ross and Nicki Minaj better but T.I. is just like a substitute teacher, nobody really cares you're here...2/5
15 -Last Night, Pt. 2- Was this necessary...I mean Keyshia carried the first one well. Just ride the success of the first one into the sunset and don't come back. 2/5
16 - Yesterday(featuring Chris Brown)- Chris does a great job with this track, it's very fitting for his voice as everything comes together nicely. 5/5
17 - Change- Another decent song...filler perhaps?IDK. 3/5
18 - Coming Home (featuring Skylar Grey- I really like the way Skylar carries this song and the production makes it even better as well a Diddy's verse is ok. A perfect way to end the album. 5/5


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