Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tank- Now or Never

Now Or Never

So I have listened to this album a few times and realized I like it, not that I thought I wouldn't. Tank has been a favorite artist of mine for some years dating back to his hit songs like "Maybe I Deserve" and "Slowly" to name a few. So I maybe I'm slightly biased, but I'll keep it as neutral as I can with this review.

1.Showtime- Alright let's get it started...I like the intro, it really sets the mood of what album and what to expect from the upcoming songs. 5/5
2.Sex Music- It's catchy and definitely a decent radio single.3/5
3.Celebration (Ft. Drake)- Again a decent song and could easily be used as a radio single with Drake being one of the hottest rappers out right now. 3/5
4.Emergency (Intro) - A nice segue into the song.
5.Emergency- It's a pretty good song with good lyrics...4/5
6.Scream...It's just ok to me, but hey that's my opinion...2/5
7.Keep It 100...I understand the concept of this song, but it doesn't do it for me. 2/5
8.Foreplay (Ft. Chris Brown)..I'm still adjusting to Chris Brown singing music with adult content, I can't help but think of him as the teen he was when he hit the scene so that's why I think this song is just ok. 3/5 
9.Can I (Intro)..Again prepares you for what's to come.  
10Can I... Love this song, it really love it. Nuff said. 5/5
11.Amazing...Love this song as well, love it! 5/5
12.You Mean That Much...Decent song. 3/5
13.I Can't Make You Love Me....Another decent song, it's a good way to close out the album. 3/5

Let's revisit some songs from Tank:

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