Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tipping Point- Houston

I have been fascinated with sneakers since I was a child, but as I have gotten older it's more of the unique styling and colors that draws me in when I make a purchase. I've never been into the overly-girly colored type of sneakers, but I do enjoy a pair of J's with pink or purple color details or an orange pair of Air Max 95s. So I came across this store which is located in downtown H-Town, I decided to share to all my fellow sneaker heads....check out the store whenever you're in Houston or even online.
Image of Nike Air Max '95 "Cool Mint"


  1. Hey yea, Tipping Point is awesome, I take m sister there every now and then because she is a sneaker head, you should check out Premium Goods in Rice Village as well. Have you been to the Snealer Summit, twice a year in July or August and in January.


  2. Cool thanks for the sneaker info, I haven't been to the Summit or Premium Good...I'll definitely check them out next time.