Friday, January 21, 2011

Eric Benet- Lost In Time

Lost In Time

I've been a big Eric Benet fan since I heard Femininity and I've been hooked since. His voice is smooth while he delivers passion and emotions through the words he sings...whew chile! LOL. So here's what I thought about his newest album and below are a few videos as well. Enjoy!

1. Never Want To Live Without You -5/5 Great song and even better song to start the album with.
2. Feel Good (feat. Faith Evans) -4/5 I love Faith Evans and while they can never top the Gorgy Porgy duet they recorded on A Day In the Life, I like this song a lot. It's very catchy and will have you singing in your head the chorus whether you want to or not.
3. Sometimes I Cry - 5/5 The leading single for the album that displays sheer emotion and pain that anyone can relate to whether you were the person who was broken up with or the one who handed out the relationship pink slip.
4. Always A Reason - 3/5 Not that it's not a good song because it is a good song, but it doesn't move me.
5. Paid (feat. Eddie Levert) - 4/5 I love this song, it has a retro feel to it and Eddie Levert is perfect for this song.
6. Take It (feat. Chrisette Michele) - 5/5 I absolutely love this song, it's my fave on the album.
7. Stir It Up - 3/5 I like it and what the lyrics mean, but that's all I have.
8. Summer Love (feat. India Benét) - 3/5 It's a good song and features his daughter so that's a plus.
9. Lost In Time - 3/5 Another good song.
10. Good Life (feat. Ledisi) - 4/5 While it's a good song I was expecting more from this duet and am slightly disappointed somewhat.
11.Something's Wrong - 3/5 Decent song to close the album out.

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